“Do you ship worldwide?”

Yes! Tunergang offers worldwide shipping. International orders may take longer to receive than domestic orders. If you are having trouble completing an order please contact sales@tunergang.com

“How does shipping work?” 

Tunergang ships world wide from the United States, Europe & Asia depending on your location! We offer free shipping on all orders, so please understand that our packages may not arrive as quick as you would like.  Order your favorite products and have them shipped anywhere in the world!

“How long can I expect to wait for my order?” 

Shipping times vary depending on what you order, when you order and where you are located. Domestic orders can take 10-15 business days. International orders take 20-25 business days. Some orders may take an additional 10-15 business days to be delivered. If you are uncomfortable waiting this long, we advise you to contact us before placing your order. For more information about the expected delivery date of your order, please contact us at info@Tunergang.com

“I still haven’t received my order?” 

We truly appreciate your patience when waiting for items to be delivered. Some items may be shipped within 5 days of the order being placed, however this is not always the case. We are a small business, so some orders may take several days to process before the items are shipped. If you’ve waited longer than 15 business days past when your order was marked as being shipped, please contact support at info@Tunergang.com

“I am missing items from my order?”

Don’t panic! Many of our products are shipped from different warehouses, so you may receive them separately. For more information, contact support at info@Tunergang.com

“Do you offer refunds, returns and/or exchanges?”

For information on our Refund Policy please contact info@Tunergang.com or visit our Refund Policy page.